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The AMF is dedicated to American Music.

American Music?

For those old enough to remember the sixties “British Invasion” bands – The Rolling Stones, The Yard Birds, Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Who…

These young English Musicians were introducing Americans to a new music they called “The Blues”.

Songs like “Hoochie Coochie Man”, “Who do you Love”, “Stormy Monday”, “Back Door Man”, “Spoonful”, “Whole lotta’ Love”...

We couldn’t get enough of it. All of the radio airplay, the concerts, the record sales, millions and millions of dollars…

It wasn’t new music.

It was the birthright of America. America’s Unique Cultural Contribution to the world. Music pioneered by Americans.

African - Americans.

Music combining African Rhythms, Delta Field Songs, Spirituals – then as the opportunities for work in the gritty industrial cities sent millions north- the  electrified growl of Chicago Blues.

Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Albert King, Buddy Guy…

New Music?

All the Roots music that followed - Rock and Roll, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Country, Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno – all springs from the same well – The American Blues.

So please join us as we travel the trails of American Musical History and discover these pioneers, their stories, their influences.

Learn how these pioneers blazed the trail that allowed all subsequent American Music, in all its forms, to flourish and come to dominate the world.

Discover the threads that tie all modern music back to our American Roots.

For those too young to remember the British Invasion and whose musical tastes include new music like Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno, House...

New Music?

Some things don’t change.

But at least the next time someone tells you about some other new music, you can say, “let me tell you a story…”