The history of American Music parallels America’s development. Each generation has been able to take advantage of music education as part of school curriculums. Most of the artists we admire and the music they created were sparked by music education programs in schools.

As school budgets are squeezed, music education has become a casualty.

The American Music Foundation will work to create alternate funding for music education in our schools. Through grant acquisition and partnerships with other organizations, we will strive to restore this critical link to arts education.

AMF will also work to develop programs with educational leaders, government agencies and school systems at the local, state and federal level to examine effective ways to marshal public/private funding scenarios to restore music education.

When The AMF Roots Studio is complete, we will offer educational programs through in-studio and outreach efforts.

The way we listen to and own music today bears little resemblance to the music business of even ten years ago. We intend to help emerging musicians understand and master this new reality. AMF will offer training programs in today’s recording systems and technology. We will offer hands-on studio training “on both sides of the glass.” We hope to offer copyright, trademark and contract negotiation training and mentoring programs by developing a partnership with universities and law schools.