Grant Acquisition Strategies

Each year, billions of dollars in grants are awarded. There are thousands of grant sources, both public and private. Grant awards can vary from a small, one time donation to yearly and summary outlays of hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.

Foundations and other tax-exempt, 501c (3) organizations rely on contributions to fund their goals and programs. In order to do good work, they must raise money. In order to become eligible for grant awards, an organization needs to understand and master the complicated, detailed and time consuming grant acquisition process.  

Large foundations have staffs that understand the processes involved and who work full time acquiring, completing and following up on grant proposals.

Small foundations typically do not have the knowledge, resources or personnel to master this process. Many are fueled by passion and a volunteer staff eager to execute the organizations vision and purpose only to be stopped by a lack of resources.

The American Music Foundation intends to become masters at this process. Not only to implement our own programs but as a gateway for other organizations unable to access these critical funding sources.

Initially, we will use internal and volunteer resources to begin development of an in-house grant acquisition and follow up team, while implementing an alternate strategy to achieve the desired results. 

We intend to solicit and form under-graduate and graduate level internship programs with selected public/private universities. In the Chicago metro, these could include DePaul University, Northwestern, UIC, Columbia, the University of Chicago, the John Marshall School of Law…

Internship programs are common and fundamental to the higher learning process. They allow universities and students to combine the best of the classroom with the real world experience that can only be found outside the classroom while rewarding students with extra credit and resume credentials.

One AMF internship program will be for students to identify public/private funding sources. The students will then research and acquire grant solicitation packages, research appropriate organizations and, after Board review, develop and submit solicitations and follow-up to maximize every opportunity. They will then review and report back to the funding organizations as required.

We can also utilize these partnerships to solicit volunteers who can be trained by our interns to augment their efforts.

We will also develop other, specific internship programs to augment ongoing marketing, operations and technical efforts including studio audio and video production, editing and formatting; legal assistance and remediation; scholarship development programs…

Once implemented, the American Music Foundation will encourage other tax-exempt foundations and organizations to submit grant requests to us so that we can help them acquire the funding necessary to fulfill their mission.