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A little help…?

We can achieve our goals at the American Music Foundation only if we have help. Your help.

If American Roots music – Blues, Rock, Jazz, Soul, R & B, Hip-Hop or any of their many variations move you, let us know.

Offer advice, praise, criticism, suggestions. Tell us your favorite stories, share videos, links; let us know how we can be more effective.

The AMF mission will evolve over time based upon the feedback we receive.

Our commitment to original American Roots music will stay strong.

With your help.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering some of your time and talent. We need and welcome your participation...

Please let us know how you can help.


Current needs include:

Volunteer Committee Leader

General Volunteers

Web Development Experience

Public Relations

Social Media Expertise

Grant Writing

Copy Writing

Legal expertise in the areas of publishing, copyright, trademark or entertainment law experience.



What is your preferred method of contact?