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The American Music Foundation, a tax exempt 501 C3 organization, is committed to nourishing the ROOTS of American Musical Culture so that all of the branches of uniquely American musical styles and artists can grow and prosper.

Whatever type of American music you love - Blues, Rock, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Country, Hip-Hop, Rap, or maybe all of them, the ROOTS remain the same - the African Rhythms, Field Songs, and Spirituals of the Deep South. In the nineteen forties and fifties, opportunity drove these talented men and women from the Mississippi Delta and other southern locations to the gritty manufacturing cities of the North.

They came up by the tens of thousands, many ending up in Chicago, the birthplace of electrified, urban Blues...

Your generous tax deductible donation will help The American Music Foundation preserve and protect this heritage through education, discussion, musical training, and legal remediation:

Blues in the Schools - The foundation seeks to support the efforts of this music education program in the Chicago area and throughout America. The AMF website will offer links to providers and programs across the country.

The AMF website will convey the passion of the blues music to all visitors. We will delineate the history of the blues from African rhythms to Delta field songs to spirituals and gospel to Robert Johnson to Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters to Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones to young, emerging artists.

The site will seek to offer American roots music educational programs; oral histories and audio/video material.

We will seek to support musical instrument, theory and recording/production lessons and training through volunteers.

We will seek to offer original and contemporary artists legal remediations, counseling and related services through an attorney/law student referral network in conjunction with a college or university.

These and other missions can become reality with your generous donation. Please help today.



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